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unable to install baxter with ros indigo and gazebo 7

When i try to build the baxter simulator i'm getting lot of errors eg:

/usr/include/gazebo-7/gazebo/common/Event.hh:664:14: error: ‘class gazebo::event::EventTPrivate<void(std::basic_string<char>)>’ has no member named ‘connections’
       if (it != this->myDataPtr->connections.end())
/usr/include/gazebo-7/gazebo/common/Event.hh:667:9: error: request for member ‘push_back’ in ‘((gazebo::event::EventT<void(std::basic_string<char>)>*)this)->gazebo::event::EventT<void(std::basic_string<char>)>::myDataPtr->gazebo::event::EventTPrivate<void(std::basic_string<char>)>::connectionsToRemove’, which is of non-class type ‘int’

Is this necessary to use gazebo 2 for baxter simulator, i'm using gazebo 7 with ros indigo from so many months. I was trying to use this to see how ros is controlling the robot in gazebo in high level and how joint trajectorys have been executed, but seems like i have to reinstall my gazebo.