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Unusably slow performance on Macbook Pro 13" w/ Touchbar with Gazebo 8

I'm running Gazebo 8 from homebrew in MacOS 10.12.3 on a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) laptop with a 3.3 GHz i7 and 16G RAM. The GPU is Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB.

When I launch gazebo from the command line, both gzserver and gzclient consume 100% cpu and FPS hovers around 2-2.5. Interacting with the GUI is too laggy to be usable even with an empty world. If I scale the display resolution to the lowest possible, I see performance increase to 3.5-4 FPS, but things are still unusably slow.

The homebrew formula is from the osrf/simulation tap. I believe this installation is following best practices. Any insight into why I'm seeing such poor performance would be appreciated. Thanks!