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Compiling sdformat on Win10

Somewhat reluctant to ask, but I've encountered an issue building sdformat on Win10.

I'm building the project using VS2015 (following the gazebo tutorial for VS2013). The biggest trick was building boost 1.56.0 under 2015. But once I generated the libs, I managed to get SDFormat's cmake to pick them up during configuration.

The problem comes with building. That is, when I run NMake, it fails to link the sdf.dll because it's looking for the boost VS2013 libraries. Looking through the .obj files, there's four of them in sdformat that rely on boost libraries. Each one has a /DEFAULTLIB declaration that calls out the boost 2013 libraries (e.g. libboost_filesystem-vc120-mt-1_56.lib). This is what causes the error.

From what I can tell, /DEFAULTLIB occurs for certain compiler switches and #prgama comment(libname) declarations in code. Neither one seems to be the cause here.

I have searched for anything that might be hardcoding this reference into the SDF .obj files, but have come up empty.

Is there any wisdom regarding approaching Windows builds of Gazebo? I know others have managed to get it to work, but I suspect they were using VS2013, which, unfortunately, is not an option for me...