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Translating heighmap creates offset between collision and visual

When using the <pos> tag inside the <heightmap> to get my heightmap aligned with my coordinate system of choice, it appears to be translating correctly when I open the client, but when I place an object on the heightmap, it is as if the collision frame did not translate.

This portion of the world file looks as follows. There appears to have been a similar issue that was resolved a few years ago (,, but I still seem to be exhibiting the problem.

Any ideas? I am on Gazebo 7.5, installed from binaries.

 <model name="heightmap">
      <link name="height">
        <collision name="collision">
              <size> 540 540 60 </size>
              <pos> -55 -72 0 </pos>
        <visual name="visual_abcedf">
                <size> 540 </size>
              <size> 540 540 60 </size>
              <pos> -55 -72 0 </pos>