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Problem with creating model in tutorial

I was looking at the tutorial of the "Making a mobile robot"

And here I meet a problem

I can't find my_robot file in the left side of the Gazebo GUI image description

I bet the problem is because I didn't setup the model directory correctly, so I check up the previous section of this part:

mkdir -p ~/.gazebo/models/my_robot <= this is in the tutorial, but I didn't find the "models" file in my "gazebo" file, so I change into this direction: mkdir -p /home/iclab/gazebo_models/my_robot <= gazebo_models is another file I create

Then I follow the instructions to create model.config and model.sdf file

But after I want to insert my own model, I can't find my_robot file in the left side as tutorial

Can anyone tell me why?

Thanks a lot!