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How to set joint axis for both parts attached to a hinge?


I'm trying to implement an interface to a different physics engine than the four already available in Gazebo. In my case, an axis must be specified for each part attached to the joint. For instance, in the example tutorial "Making a mobile robot" found on the Gazebo website (its a differential-based robot with two motorized wheels), I would need to specify for both revolute joints, the axis on the wheel AND the axis on the chassis.

When I look at the code for the physics interface there is this method :

Joint::SetAxis(const unsigned int _index, const math::Vector3 &_axis)

which takes the axis value from the SDF and saves it into the physics engine data structure. My understanding is that the _index parameter gives me the part this axis is related to, but I can't see how to specify that index in an SDF, if it is possible.

If someone can tell me I am on the right direction or give me a hint about how to solve this, it will be truly appreciated!

Thanks to all!