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sdformat modifications

I am trying to add a new sensor type to gazebo (UWB). I have made all the required modifications to the source code to be able to build gazebo with this new sensor. I also made the required modifications to SDFormat so that the sdf file should accept my new <uwb>tag.

I however seem to have problems referring to the new version of SDFormat. In my first run, I forgot to delete the ubuntu precompiled libraries 'libsdformat' 'sdformat' This lead to gazebo building fine, but obviously referring to the ubuntu precompiled libraries which do not contain my modifications.

After removing the precompiled libraries, gazebo will no longer compile because it is missing the sdformat library. I am building gazebo using catkin, like described in the gazebo tutorial

I can build sdformat from source, which installs the new sdf and xsd files to the /usr/share/sdformat folder, and in my '<catkin_ws>/devel/lib' folder, I also find a file.

However, running 'sudo dpkg -L packagename' tells me that the sdformat package is not installed.

Any tips on how I can get gazebo/ubuntu to recognize my own compiled version of sdformat?