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Trouble starting gazebo_experimental - Failed to load plugin [gazeboGuiDisplayImage]

Hello. I'd like to contribute to gazebo_experimental, and have successfully built everything from source on a clean Ubuntu 16.04 desktop. I followed this tutorial to build all dependencies from source (in debug mode). Then I followed instructions here to attempt to build (in debug mode) and run. The build was clean, and all tests pass. But when I run gazebo -v 4, I get the following errors:

[GUI] [Msg] Init app
[GUI] [Err] [] Library[] does not exist!
[GUI] [Err] [] Failed to load plugin [gazeboGuiDisplayImage]
[GUI] [Err] [] Library[] does not exist!
[GUI] [Err] [] Failed to load plugin [gazeboGuiDiagnostics]
[GUI] [Msg] Create main window
[GUI] [Msg] Run main window
QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method QMenuBar::aboutToShow()

My ENV variables are set as follows:

vagrant@vagrant:~/dev/gazebo/gazebo_experimental/build$ echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
vagrant@vagrant:~/dev/gazebo/gazebo_experimental/build$ echo $GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH 

Any help would be appreciated.