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Object falls off through ground plane instead of resting on it, when spawned in Gazebo

Hello, I am new to Gazebo/ROS and I am trying to spawn an object in Gazebo. I imported the .stl file through urdf and resized it (since the imported model was huge). After rescaling, I used the model editor to save the model.sdf and model.config files. Now when I use this model.sdf to spawn the object in gazebo using rosrun gaze_ros spawn_model -sdf command, it falls off through the ground plane instead of resting on it.

Also, if I use the urdf file to spawn the object, the model keeps on floating.

Could anybody please let me know what the problem could be? Is this because of the way in which the model is exported to .stl?

Below is the link to the model.sdf file: C:\fakepath\model.sdf