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Gazebo on WSL (Bash for Windows)

Hello All,

I recently install ROS Lunar on WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux running Ubuntu 16.04 bash). The installation was done based on the standard Ubuntu instructions. I mirrored this installation on my Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu MATE.

I tried to launch Gazebo from both installations (WSL & RPi). The display in RPi is tunneled through ssh via X11 forwarding to host computer (which runs Windows 10). I am able to launch Gazebo and everything works fine. When I try to launch Gazebo from the WSL bash prompt (on the same Windows 10 host), Gazebo launches without any errors, but the visualization windows is blank/black.

I am surprised to how RPi is able render the visualization window, whereas WSL is unable to! I am a newbie to ROS, and do have the knowledge or wherewithal to debug this issue. Currently, I am stuck with some development work as RPi does not have enough grunt to handle the sim. Any pointers or help to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated!