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How to accurately simulate motor reduction effect on inertia

I am researching humanoid robot walking and I am trying to use Gazebo to accurately simulate the DARwIn-OP robot in terms of dynamics. To have a accurate dynamic model, I am trying to accurately simulate the MX-28 servomotors dynamics. However, I have doubts about how I should include the motor reduction effect on inertia. I tried to simply add N^2 * Jmotor to the inertia of each driven link in the axis rotation direction. Despite not perfect, I have found that this is an approximation usually done in manipulator dynamics simulation. For a discussion about this, see:

However, since I do not know how exactly Gazebo simulates dynamics, I am not sure that I have implemented this correctly in Gazebo. Which is the correct way of implementing motor reduction effect on inertia in Gazebo?