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imu sensor on actor not recording angular velocity


I added an imu sensor to a link placed in an animated actor object

<actor name="imu_cam">
<link name="imu_link">
    <sensor name="imu" type="imu">...
    <trajectory id="0" type="__default__">
            <pose>-0.1325 0.3200 0.6535 -1.6478 0.0000 0.0340</pose>
            <pose>-0.1325 0.3200 0.6535 -1.6466 0.0000 0.0321</pose>


However, when I read the published sensor data, all I get as angular velocity values is noise. I am guessing (but this is a little harder to confirm) that the linear acceleration values are also only noise values added to the projected gravitational vector.

Is this a bug? Or are animated actor objects not intended for this kind of experiment? The orientation is reported correctly, and also the camera sensor data is recorded correctly. The only problem is that the link object virtually seems to have no velocity component (not linear and not angular).

Can someone think of a workaround to this problem?

The main reason for using the animated actor object is because I want to simulate (pseudo random) head movement. If there is a better way of simulating this, it could also solve my problem.