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Measuring distances between a Transmitter and a Receiver using Wi-Fi signals in Husky

Hi everyone,

for my final project I am requested to calculate distance values using Wi-Fi signals. The desired output would be a distance estimation between my movable robot tag (I am using Husky robot, with the husky-devel-pkgs release) and a fixed world model in Gazebo.

Reading through the Gazebo plugin tutorials I learned that it is possible to use plugins to fire up sensors, and add a shared library file into the model. Till now I added a small antenna model on the Husky (simple cylinder) and a box and antenna model into Gazebo, in which the with its .so file will be added. The basic idea is to transmit a signal from the Husky robot with a Transmitter plugin and have it received by the Receiver plugin. The distance would then be calculated on the basis of the received signal strength or frequency, but I am not sure how now.

Looking around for some Transmitter and Receiver source files I found these files. I see they both exchange power and frequency information, and later publish data as publishers nodes. As a first attempt I would suppose I have to subscribe to the Receiver topic in order to get the distance data, but I am not sure.

Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this "distance" problem, and if this is the way to go? Are there any other simple ways to get a distance?

Thanks in advance.