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Importing files to Gazebo

Hey guys I am having difficulty in importing a building model into Gazebo, any assistance on this will be appreciated.

I'm trying to import a BIM model into Gazebo, as far as my understanding Gazebo do not support importing BIM model (yet). So I am trying to convert BIM to other file formats which gazebo supports. But all my attempts have been futile, as when imported there is no collision elements that are created in gazebo.

I am able to visualize the building, but there are no collisions generated. Is there anyway where the collisions can be automatically generated?

I am new to Gazebo and I am trying to understand how it works.

Note: By BIM I am referring to the .ifc file which can be converted to other file formats. I tried importing it to gazebo as .dae file(using blender) but the collisions were not present.