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MATERIAL_gazebo_material_22 already exists. in ResourceManager::add

When loading a DAE file in my SDF model using gazebo 8 I receive the following error:

[Err] [] Ogre Error:ItemIdentityException: Resource with the name BlueRov2::base_link::base_link_visual_MATERIAL_gazebo_material_22 already exists. in ResourceManager::add at /build/ogre/src/ogre/OgreMain/src/OgreResourceManager.cpp (line 156) [Err] [] Unable to create a mesh from /mnt/hd/ros_ws/lunar/src/bluerov_ros_playground/model/BlueRov2/meshes/BlueRov2.dae

But when I use the STL file everything goes fine. This DAE works with gazebo 7 with colors.

Any idea of what can it be ?