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Using Gazebo Plugin with .h File Type

I tried compiling a Gazebo plugin that is a header file (with .h file extension), it says:

CMake Error: CMake can not determine linker language for target: gazebo_ros_moveit_planning_scene
CMake Error: Cannot determine link language for target "gazebo_ros_moveit_planning_scene".

The following is my CMakeLists.txt:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8 FATAL_ERROR)
find_package(gazebo REQUIRED)

add_library(gazebo_ros_moveit_planning_scene SHARED gazebo_ros_moveit_planning_scene.h)
target_link_libraries(gazebo_ros_moveit_planning_scene ${GAZEBO_LIBRARIES})

Any suggestions for a fix? P.s. I'm trying to use this plugin: