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Moving a depth camera model in the world without a robot body

I have created a world in gazebo simulation. Next, want to capture images and depth images of the world with a depth camera model at different random positions and orientations. For that, I created a model with kinect plugin following the tutorials here. The model is a box of size 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 and weight 0.1.

I am able to launch gazebo and spawn the model model by drag and drop. I can also get the intensity and depth images just fine at the dropped position. When I try to move the model around to different positions (using GUI), the model keeps falling down due to gravity. When I turn the gravity off and move the model, the model flies away due to no gravity. Is there a way I can simply move a depth camera model around to different (X, Y, Z, R, P, Y) in the world and capture images ?