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How to use dynamic_reconfigure for /gazebo and /gazebo_gui?

I'm starting Gazebo 7 via ROS Kinetic, which is working fine so far.

Now I need to adjust the time_step and max_update_rate parameters to get a real-time simulation.

But when I open the reconfigure GUI, I get two sections: /gazebo and /gazebo_gui. Both contain the same parameters with the same values. Unexpectedly, they are not mirrored. If I change something for /gazebo, it doesn't get synced to /gazebo_gui even after refreshing. To be even more confusing: Gazebo behaves totally different if I change a setting in /gazebo or in /gazebo_gui. At least regarding the two time parameters I mentioned above which are of interest to me.

How is the reconfiguration supposed to be used? Is there a deeper sense I missed?

Screenshot of the two sections: Screenshot of the two sections