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"ODESliderJoint::SetAnchor not implemented" log with PositionJointInterface

I have an issue regarding prismatic joints that use a PositionJointInterface (in Gazebo 9).

Whenever I have a prismatic joint in my robot that has a transmission with the hardwareInterface tag of PositionJointInterface, the Gazebo log outputs the following line in every simulation step: "ODESliderJoint::SetAnchor not implemented.". Since I have 4 of these joints I get this message 4 times per simulation step. I feel like that may be slowing down the simulation.

Now, this only happens with the combination of a prismatic joint and PositionJointInterface (that I know of). The messages don't appear for example with a revolute joint and PositionJointInterface or a prismatic joint with EffortJointInterface.

Does anyone know if there's a way to prevent that message from logging while still using PositionJointInterface with a prismatic joint?

I also tried to find the source file of gazebo/physics/ode/ (it seems like the message is coming from that file) but was unsuccessful.