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How to set physics engine in Gazebo through ROS

I was researching the physics engines available for Gazebo and wanted to try other then default engine. In those slides, it says, that you can define what engine to use in the world file. In form

<world><physics type=”simbody” />...

I found this in my world file that was created in Gazebo client

<physics name='default_physics' default='0' type='ode'>

If I rewrite the type to an nonexistent engine type and launch the world from ROS launch file, there is no error. If I rewrite it to 'simbody' or 'bullet', nothing changes. The simulation in all the cases starts with the ode engine. If I start Gazebo client with commands

rosrun gazebo_ros gazebo --verbose -e bullet


rosrun gazebo_ros gazebo --verbose -e simbody

the physics engine does correspond to the given type. So how can I do it within the world file?