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GZWeb 1.4.0 only displaying text and broken images

I was able to setup gzserver and gzweb with few if any problems, but when I check the online site, I see this:

image description

That's showing in both Firefox and Chrome. I did notice npm saying one package wasn't compatible with Ubuntu 16.04, and that another wasn't going to be installed but was optional. I tried using "npm bug gzweb" to get more details on the bugs, but it came back as "Not found : gzweb". Running "npm start" also seems to give no errors.

Viewing the source of the webpage though, I wonder if it's expecting me to run in localhost. Are there extra steps that should be taken when setting it up on an actual webserver? Other than the apache2 ProxyPass stuff with password protection?

I'm using Ubuntu Server 16.04.5 LTS with Gazebo 7.14.0 and gzweb 1.4.0.