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X4 laser sensor limited range

After i run command "X4_SENSOR_CONFIG_4=1 roslaunch subt_example team.launch", the range of the laserscan in only coming less than than 1 as also shown by below screenshot: image description This was happening for the X2 robot also when i used command: "X2_SENSOR_CONFIG_3=1 roslaunch subt_example team.launch": image description But after i replaced the sensor part of the planar_lidar.urdf.xacro file with below code the range is coming fine for X2 robot:

<sensor type="ray" name="${name}">
  <pose>0 0 0 0 0 0</pose>
   <plugin name="gazebo_ros_planar_lidar" filename="">

But still the range of X4 laser scan is under 1. I am running system with 8 gb ram, 300 gb free HD, ubuntu 18.04, and ros melodic with gazebo 9 as described in catkin install tutorial of this subt repository. But im not using any dedicated nvidia gpu, i'm using i5 3rd gen intel cpu.