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Adding Color and Textures to a Model

I'm using Gazebo 9.5.0 and ROS Melodic.

I'm following the tutorial Adding Color and Textures to a Model but there are a lot of things wrong.

The worst error is that it doesn't mention how to add the textures to the model. I have checked the files in the repository to know how to add it.

My problem is with the Collada object, head.dae file. If I add the model to a world, the head doesn't appear.

From model.sdf, the part that shows the head is:

<visual name="head_visual">
<pose>0 0 0.25 0 0 -2.5</pose>
    <scale>0.25 0.25 0.25</scale>

I thought that the problem is with the uri, but I can see the model in Gazebo editor, and it shows body's material. Maybe something has changed in the latest version of Gazebo and now, this model doesn't work.

What's wrong?