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When the event worldCreated is triggered?

It sounds like a self answering question, but what I really would like to understand is _when_ a World is created, because currently my callback connected to this event is never called.

Bit of context:

I'm runninging a ModelPlugin. The model has a camera which is inside the meshes, so the model visual itself blocks the camera view. I already managed to set the visibility so the camera do not see the object. However, I'm only able to do it from the callback that is called when the event worldUpdateBegin is triggered.

I though I could use worldCreated or createdEntity, but they are never called.

The visuals are not "ready" neither on my Init() or Load() methods. So I would like to understand better the Event signals so I can choose one where:

1) Visual Entities are available for manipulation 2) It is not called periodically.

I'd appreciate if someone could give me a hint.