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How to get a colored mesh in gazebo?


we want to simulate vehicles in our own 3D maps. For this we have the 3D Map as a XYZ colored point cloud and we want to load it as a world file.

So we converted the point cloud to a COLLADA 3D Map (.dae). In our file we have a lot of color tag which are not supported in Gazebo 9.6 yet (we can see the content but no colors).

Now we would like to convert our COLLADA file into a file with a texture so we can see our colors in Gazebo. In MeshLab we tried a few options for extraction but it didn't really work well (texture was way too small and just a part of the mesh and it took like ages).

Are there any tools which can convert our 3D into a in Gazebo usable file (to get a mesh with colors)?

Thank you guys in advance!

Best regards