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Import *.dae from gazebo_models in Blender

Hi everyone,

My overall goal is to compare simulation results in gazebo with a self-made tool. Therefore, I would like to evaluate both with the same world model of an urban/indoor environment.

Is there a way to import worlds of gazebo_models (which could be found via OpenSourceRoboticsFoundation OSRF) into Blender?

I already tried the following options:

1.) load model into gazebo and export as *.xml and *.sdf -> problem: couldn't find a converter for Blender accepted file formats (e.g. *.sdl, *.eds, *.obj)

2.) "import COLLADA (*.dae) function of Blender (tried some worlds, e.g. apartment and willowgarage) -> There are critical errors (ERROR_XML_PARSER_ERROR) in Blender, no part of the model appears in Blender

I found some information about the other way (Blender to Gazebo), but nothing about this problem.

I am quite new to Gazebo so maybe it is just not possible. But I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in Advance