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Gazbo GUI too slow in Ubutu18.04


I'm trying to use PX4 gazebo SITL to make a drone simulation under Ubuntu 18.04. However, once the gazebo GUI was started, the system became extremely slow and took minutes to react. I also tried to use the gzclient on mac and connect it to the server in ubuntu, but the following errors were showed:

[Msg] Waiting for model database update to complete... [Wrn] [] URI not supported by Fuel [model://uuv_hippocampus/meshes/uuv_hippocampus_prop.stl] [Wrn] [] File or path does not exist [""] [model://uuv_hippocampus/meshes/uuv_hippocampus_prop.stl] [Err] [] No mesh specified

Does anyone have any ideas?