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Allaways 100 states in ContactsState/states[] message from bumper sensor


i am new to ROS and Gazebo and i am trying to simulate a collision between my robot and a wall. I put a simple sphere at the end of my robot and added a collision sensor (gazebo-plugin gazebo-ros-bumper sensor). I get data from the sensor but know I don't really understand the meaning of the states array in the Contactsstate message. In my understanding for every contact in simulation there is a Contactstate message created, so it would be one Element in the states array for every contact.

I was getting 100 states elements. But when I limit the maximum Contacts with the <maxcontacts> tag the number of states doesn't change.

I guess I just don't get what the states array means. Could someone help me out at explain the meaning of the message ContactsState/states[]?

thank you in advance!