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Rendering issue with custom collada model


For the purpose of my simulation, I have created a custom 3D model.

When I start gazebo with my world in my "/usr/share/gazebo-11/worlds" folder:


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<sdf version="1.4">
  <world name="default">


The model is loaded but appears entirely black.

image description

When I load the .dae file directly in the world file:

<model name="my_model">
      <link name="body">
        <visual name="visual">

The model is invisible, it appears on the left panel under the "models" section but that's it.

However, when I use the same code as above, in a random folder such as Documents, the model is loaded and looks exactly as it should:

image description

My model's folder is located in /usr/share/gazebo-11/models:

├── meshes
│   └── my_model.dae
├── model.config
└── model.sdf

Whenever I tried to directly import I made sure the dae file was present in the folder I was calling gazebo from

I am running out of ideas to troubleshoot this issue.. I suspect there is an issue with the paths within my files but I don't know... Does someone have any suggestions ?