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Panda Grasp fail in Gazebo 9.0 via ROS and Moveit

Dear all,

Shortly : In gazebo I am using a franka emika panda to grasp an object from the table. The robot is controller through ros and moveit. The objects seems to slip away, as there is no force applied from the fingers of the gripper or there is no friction. I am not sure if that is indeed true or there is another problem.

Here is a gif showing the problem:


More info : I am currently trying to simulate a simple object pick and place task in Gazebo 9 with a Panda, which is mounted on top of a mobile base. The object to grasp is pretty simple, a small cube object of mass 0.5. For grasping, what I am doing is sending a position for end effector via moveit, then when the gripper is around the target object sending close gripper command.

When I search for the problem, most cases I see with a similar issue (with mostly different robot setups) was because the robot needs to be controlled with EffortJointInterface. However, my launch file runs the manipulator with EffortJointInterface.

If anybody has a solution or further question please let me know. If you know a repo that includes a running example of grasp with panda in Gazebo, that could also be useful.