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Connect a lidar sensor to a robot and get data to ROS

Hello. I am new to ROS and Gazebo. I am trying to put a 2D lidar sensor in a pre-existing robot in gazebo (i.e. turtlebot) and get the data from the sensor in ROS. So far, I followed the guided tutorials and I managed to create a custom velodyne sensor. Now I want to get the data in ROS and then put the sensor on the robot which will be also controlled by ROS. I feel a bit lost with all stand-alone tutorials about connecting it to ros. I don't know where I should start (inserting the robot, connect the sensor to ROS-and which method is more preferable, should I create the plugin directory into my catkin workspace? how can I use the ros-gazebo packages?). Can you please point me to a direction or guide me through a process ?

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04, ROS-kinetic and the pre-installed Gazebo 7.

Thank you in advance !