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Gzserver fails on a k3s cluster

I'm trying to run a ROS integrated Gazebo server on a cluster in a virtual machine. The idea is to run gzserver headless, utilize the computation power there, and view the results using gzweb.

The ROS package which uses gazebo has been dockerized. Gzserver works as expected when the docker container is run as an isolated container, but throws the following error when the same container is deployed on a k3s cluster.

As seen in the screenshot below, gzserver crashes immediately after launch. A generalized error is thrown and the log files do not share any other information. Moreover, the log file(s) gazebo-1*.log cannot be found.

image description

The (ros)launch file can be found here (pastebin).

I believe the error could be either because of lack of GPU access, or because gzserver is not really running headless.

Has anyone faced something similar? Can you confirm if the parameters in the launch file are set up correctly? Are there any tips/tutorials I could follow to run Gazebo in a proper headless manner?