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Joining 2 SolidWorks models in URDF

Hello, so I an end effector for a project on SolidWorks and I want to make it into URDF format to eventualy attach it to the URDF of the Omron TM5-700 arm. Now I encountered this problem when i tried to convert it to URDF: First of all the SW2URDF that i used to export it to URDF does not export it correctly, the end effector seams broken in half but it still one piece (with one part floating). Thats why i thought of doing the URDF my self but I cannot figure out how to derive the pose of the joint. I watched / went through multiple tutorials on URDFs but most of them explain it on simple geometrical objects such as cylinders / boxes were it is simple to find the end point of them.

So my question basically is, what is the industry standard or how do you people solve this kind of problems ?