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Velodyne hdl 32 model's update rate

Hi, guys. I'm using the gazebo-11 for the Velodyne hdl32 simulator, and I just finish the tutorial session(

Now, I have a question for "update_rate" of Velodyne hdl 32.

image description

The model sets the value of update_rate as 30. This means collecting information 30 times per second, but as far as I know the number of points collected in a second is 695,000 points. And I found that the maximum update rate of simulator is 1000, which means I have maximum collecting points as 32000(32 firing cycles * update rate 1000) as I understand so far.And this number 1000 is that I got from listener message.

So is there any other special meaning in update_rate or you guys intentionally set the maximum collecting point by using update_rate due to simulator performance or something?

Hope for your kind answers!