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Failed to load plugin with Ignition Gazebo

Hello everybody,

I'm currently working on Ignition Gazebo Citadel (not Gazebo classic) and I need to write some plugins.
In order to understand how plugins work with Ignition, I did some tests by creating and compiling plugins with Gazebo classic (no problem) and with Ignition Gazebo.
For Ignition Gazebo, I follow the instruction of this page and theses files
I had no errors when I compiled the plugin (cmake . & make)
Unfortenaly, I have an error when I launch my .sdf file to test how plugins works ([Err] [] Failed to load system plugin [] : couldn't load library on path [].)

The plugin directory looks like this

  • sample_system
    • SampleSystem.hh
    • SampleSystem.sdf
    • CMakeLists.txt
    • Makefile

In this .sdf file, I use plugins with that

<plugin filename=""

And IGN_GAZEBO_SYSTEM_PLUGIN_PATH is set to "<path_to_my_plugin_dir>/plugins/sample_system/"

It would be a great miracle for me if you had a solution or a lead concerning this.