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Adding world to launch-file crashes robot model


I am currently working on getting my car robot to work with Ros2. The current state of the robot can be found here:

I created a urdf for the robot model and implemented the plugins for the gazebo sensors and ackermann_drive. When I try to spawn the robot in an empty world (with the launch file), there is no problem and I can control it by sending /cmd_vel commands.

However, when I add the world-file to the command

    launch.actions.ExecuteProcess(cmd=['gazebo', '--verbose', '-s', '', world], output='screen' ),

the robot wheels and steering wheel all reset to the base_link position and don't move. When I remove the world argument again, everything works fine and is shown properly in Rviz and Gazebo.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem or had a similar problem?

I am using Ros2 Foxy with Gazebo11 on Ubuntu 20.04. If you want to replicate it you need to move the sonoma_raceway model to your .gazebo models folder.