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Spawning Model Editor Model in Terminal


is there a way to spawn a model in Gazebo created in the Gazebo Model Editor in the Terminal? Like with a Rosrun/Rosservice etc. command?

Path to the models: /home/user/model_editor_models/RACETRACK_xxx

Two Files in these folders:



Context / The reason I need this: I am using Matlab to control ROS & Gazebo and I have 17 different Racetracks, all built in the Model Editor. I have a predefined trajectory that my car follows and I'm subscribing to the image topic with Matlab to process the camera images. I already wrote a Matlab script that does everything other than spawning the racetracks by itself. I'd like to make an additional for-loop for spawning the racetracks so that I have a fully automated script, which I can run overnight. Right now I have to change the Racetracks manually.

I am using Gazebo 11.6