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[ignition] Bug or Feature? Service to add resource path to ignition goes to timeout.

I'm using the service /gazebo/resource_paths/add to add a resource path to the simulation. Everything is working, but the service says that it has reached the timeout. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen, so I wanted to confirm here before openning an issue in ign-transport.

Here is what I did:

Get current resource paths:

$ ign service -r "" --reqtype=ignition.msgs.Empty --reptype=ignition.msgs.StringMsg_V --timeout=1000 --service=/gazebo/resource_paths/get Only one returned:

data: "/home/matosinho/dev/ROS2/brov/brov_dep/src/bir_ign_underwater_worlds"

Add resource path:

$ ign service -r "data: '/home/matosinho/dev/ROS2/brov/brov_main/src/brov_ignition'" --reqtype=ignition.msgs.StringMsg_V --reptype=ignition.msgs.Empty --timeout=1000 --service=/gazebo/resource_paths/add

Goes to Timeout:

Service call timed out

Get current resource paths:

$ ign service -r "" --reqtype=ignition.msgs.Empty --reptype=ignition.msgs.StringMsg_V --timeout=1000 --service=/gazebo/resource_paths/get

It returns the previous one and the one I added.

data: "/home/matosinho/dev/ROS2/brov/brov_dep/src/bir_ign_underwater_worlds" data: "/home/matosinho/dev/ROS2/brov/brov_main/src/brov_ignition"

As you can see, I successfully added the path, but the service goes to timeout.

This error message comes from in ign tranport. From looking at the code, this messege appears to be sent only if the service does not get executed, so... Should I open an issue better detailing the problem in ign-transport? Or am I missing something?