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Ign Tools crashing when running binary.

Hello all, I am trying to build Sdformat from source. It relies on Ign-tools which I have built locally and working as expected. Sdformat builds but fails to pass UNIT_ign_TEST because the 'ign' command outputs the following when run:

I cannot find any available 'ign' command:

* Did you install any ignition library?

* Did you set the IGN_CONFIG_PATH environment variable?

      E.g.: export IGN_CONFIG_PATH=$HOME/local/share/ignition

When I run ign with this as well:

IGN_CONFIG_PATH=<path to Ign-utils share/ignition folder> ./ign

It gives me the same error. Any idea what I might be doing wrong with running and using ign?

I found that others had the same problem:

  • <- Problem was with Homebrew installs and the solution basically says to wait for a couple of months until they can make every library have its own binary.