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Is there a way to use model's name as a reference for a plugin's topic? (Citadel or Fortress)

For example, the current section:

     <sensor name='gpu_lidar' type='gpu_lidar'>

This doesn't have to be gpu_lidar only. It can be joint_controller, battery or any plugin type.

So, the topic will be displaying as /ultrasonic0, right?

So, is there a way to do like this: /<model_name_from_file>/ultrasonic0?

I wanted to duplicate robots in future along with rename set as true in the same world so I was hoping like

/robot_00/ultrasonic0 /robot_01/ultrasonic0 /robot_02/ultrasonic0

And so on.

Is this possible? I tried <namespace> and <topic></topic> but it end up an absolute path which I don't want that.