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Gazebo Pioneer2dx with hokuyo Laser, GetDistance

Hello, im working on a Project for my University. Im looking for the information of the Hokuyo Sensor.

To be more exact. If you create a Plugin to control a pioneer2dx you can control it by using SetVelocity(0.1 , 0 , 0) on the joints or the model itself. I found a class called "LaserView" and a header "laserView.hh" but as far as i could see there wasnt a function like "GetDistance()" or something. What do i mean by "GetDistance". When you check the picture you see the distance between the Sensor and an Object (Box) C:\fakepath\distance.png and i dont know how to get that data. I can only guess that it is a function where you have to enter a double which is the angle and it returns another double which has the distance to the next object or maxrange when there is nothing.