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Rotate robot in a new Gazebo


I was trying to make robot more accurate on Gazebo and real life.

See here: (FYI, this is from discord link so it will download mp4 video immediately)

I am still having hard time to tune it to match real life. Do you have any suggestion? See my work: sdf file

I'm using the world: freeworld

I'm using joint_controller plugins on wheels/servos.

Servos are actually match however wheels are not match the simulation. See how robot in Gazebo moves slowly when real life robot move so fast? I've been trying to match real life. Do you have any suggestion? I'm actually out of ideas. I've been doing a high level tests. I wanted to start and test gazebo more accurate.

This version gazebo is Citadel. I wanted to be able to make it work on Citadel+

Do you know why Gazebo moves so slow unlike real life?