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Unstable behaviour with revolute joint

Greetings. I build a model of a box which should be an non-actuated asset for a robotics simulation (the robot should interact with the box, loading and unloading other entities into and from the box).

With the boxes meshes from the CAD software as well as their physical parameters I modeled the box as an parametrized xacro, creating an URDF in ROS Foxy and loading it into Gazebo.

For debugging and further parametrification I load the meshes one after another into Gazebo and edit joint variables as I go. When adding the cover for the box and its revolution joint, the box 'flies away' due to rapid movement of the cover. Now, for the analysis of this strange behavior I fixed the box to the world.

The joint seems to revolve violently around. I have added dampening and friction for the dynamics, as well as implicit spring dampening for the joint. Also I've tried to set the main diagonal inertia's to 0.001 and the off-mains to 0. Both resulting in no improvement of the joint behavior.

What am I missing? The box is not a complicated model - what did I forget?


Sim, with collision meshes only



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