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Spawning Animated Deformable Objects in Gazebo

Hi all,

I need to simulate cloth models in Gazebo while using the PR2 model. I have already created cloth meshes by using Blender 2.64 and exported them as COLLADA .dae files. I tried to spawn them as .urdf models as it is explained in this tutorial but unfortunately it didn't work. Curiously, the models are imported correctly (they appear in the left panel of Gazebo) but I can't see them in the 3D environment. I tried changing the scaling but that didn't work either.

Furthermore, I was looking at this tutorial, but it tells Gazebo to not simulate the model in the physics engine and I must have this capability activated. In other words, my goal is to simulate the PR2 robot graphing the cloth from one corner, and the cloth would drape and wrinkle appropriately due to the gravitational field. Would I be able to accomplish this using Gazebo? and if so, how can I do it?