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Joints forming a closed loop of linkages - parallel linkages with SDF

Given the joints have a parent child relationship, is it possible to form loops? If not, are there workarounds? Does this vary between versions of Gazebo?

For context, I have been trying to adapt this urdf ( ) for Gazebo 1.5 that is included with the ROS-groovy. So far I have this ( )

Originally they used player and did this:

    <joint:hinge name="ackermann_right_bar_joint">
    <axis>0 0 1</axis>
    <anchorOffset>0 -0.45 0</anchorOffset>

The original has a set of links and with joints so that they form parallel linkages, the two player joints close the loop on each side. I tried to just add joints to replace those in player:

<joint name='ackermann_left_bar_joint' type='revolute'>
            <xyz>0.000000 0.000000 1.000000</xyz>

This seems to do nothing and doesn't give any errors.

Eventually I want to use this with a plugin, but I am still learning about plugins.