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Gazebo parse problem with Groovy


I have just installed ros-groovy and when I try to run the gazebo example:

roslaunch gazebo_worlds empty_world.launch

there is no problem, but if I try to lauch any of the other examples with:

roslaunch gazebo_worlds office_world.launch

I have some errors:

Msg Waiting for master.Warning [] SDF has no <sdf> element in
Error:   Could not find the 'robot' element in the xml file
         at line 59 in
Error [] Unable to call parseURDF on robot model
Warning [] SDF has no <sdf> element in file[urdf file]
Error [] parse as old urdf model file failed.
Error [] Unable to read sdf
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[gazebo-2] process has died [pid 29155, exit code 139, cmd
log file:

The gazebo version installed is 1.5.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,