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Light source on Gazebo/Fuerte

Hi there,

I have the following issue related to spawning a light in RosGazebo in Fuerte. I have posted a similar question in the ROS forum but I have been adviced to post it here.

I have took a look to the following discussions, but nothing effective so far:

I want to do the following:

a ROS node, after receiving a message from someone (e.g. a robot), spawns a light(possibly directional) in a location of the environment. This happens during the execution of the simulation so not at the beginning when the environment is spawned.

We have already done it in the Gazebo stand alone version and with ROS Electric but we need to do it in ROS-Fuerte because we have developed a stack that we would like to exploit also with the turtlebot1 simulator.

It is possible to do that through the GUI but we are not able to that programmatically.

Any solution?