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xacro dependency problem while installing gazebo_ros_pkgs on ROS Groovy

I'm running ROS Groovy on Ubuntu 12.04, and I'm trying to install Gazebo 1.9 from sources, as explained in the online tutorial on the official wiki.

I can clone the repos (including ros_controllers) and update rosdep without problems, but when I get to

rosdep check --from-paths . --ignore-src --rosdistro hydro

I get the following error

ERROR[joint_trajectory_controller]: Cannot locate rosdep definition for [xacro]
    rosdep key : xacro
    OS name    : ubuntu
    OS version : precise
    Data: <no data>

Looking around for solutions, I found out here that the problem is probably that xacro is a dry (rosbuild) package and so it cannot be referenced from a catkin package.

If I ignore the error and go on, after a catkin_make I get

Set xacro_DIR to the directory containing a CMake configuration file for xacro. 
The file will have one of the following names:


Can you suggest any way of dealing with this problem?