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How to implement HECTOR SLAM in standalone GAZEBO or do i require ROS or RVIZ


I am new to Gazebo. Installed standalone version of Gazebo 1.7 i guess. I did it for simulating Autonomous Robot Navigation, my final year project.

But by surfing net and looking for how to do path planning, i got some videos and chunks of help but were all related to ROS or RVIZ.

Autonomous Driving Video

And whenever i go to ROS it says me

Users are highly discouraged from using the outdated documentation and tutorials for Gazebo on Gazebo is now a stand alone project at See documentation there, thanks!

And i return back.

I read that there are at the moment two most commonly used SLAM implementations in 2D are GMapping/OpenSLAM and Hector SLAM. They were for ROS.

Kindly let me know and guide me how todo that stuff in GAZEBO STANDALONE or if its not possible, help me with this using ROS.