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ros_controllers problems

Hi, I am writing a description of my robot combining xacros, gazebos and yamls files. I have some troubles with my controllers and sensors.

About sensors: I am tring to add an IMU in my robot. I have a link "imu_link" in my xacro and a fixed joint "imu_joint" between imu_link and another link in my robot. Now, in my robot.gazebo file I have the following:

< gazebo > < plugin name="imu_sensor_controller" filename="" > < bodyName >imu_link< /bodyName > < always_on >1< /always_on > < !-- update_rate >1000.0< /update_rate -- > < robotNamespace >/COMAN< /robotNamespace > < topicName >coman_imu< /topicName > < /plugin > < /gazebo >

and in my robot_control.yaml I have:

imu_sensor_controller: type: imu_sensor_controller/ImuSensorController publish_rate: 50

In the launch file for the controller I use the controller_manager spawner to spawn the imu_sensor_controller. When I launch it I have the following error from GAZEBO:

[ERROR] [1380671129.134196839]: This controller requires a hardware interface of type 'hardware_interface::ImuSensorInterface'. Make sure this is registered in the hardware_interface::RobotHW class.

I think I have to put this in my transmission.urdf.xacro but I do not well know where is he syntax for the imu hardware interface. Do you have some suggestion? Maybe I am wronging something?

Thank you for your help.